About Us

Make Washington is a 501(c)(3) public charity and Washington State non-profit corporation. Our papers and meetings that have been transcribed are available on this Google Drive. The bylaws are written so that no director or officer receive any compensation besides the warm-fuzzies; all income goes back into the organization.

Our purpose is the advancement of knowledge in computer science and maker activities for any interested parties regardless of their ability to contribute financially. We provide workshop space and tools for use to those who could not otherwise afford them.

Our current primary programs are SnoCo (Snohomish County) Makespace and MAke Washington Tool Lending Library.

As a non-profit we are not interested in joining personal ventures, commercial activities or partnerships, or affiliating with any groups outside of other maker related non-profits.


The board of directors consist of four members: Charles Ihler of Everett, Kelly Gruol of Everett, , and Zontziry Johnson of Mill Creek. The board rotates members as needed, please express an interest and attend the annual meeting if you’d like to join the board.

Membership: Everyone of our supporting members are critical to our existence. While we do not have a voting membership they do have a voice and the directors are obligated to the best interests of the members.